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Customer Testimonials


Jason Y. - San Francisco  - You all did a wonderful job. We would glady refer you to potential Clients. Crew was very clean and professional. Having a Structural engineer on staff is a huge advantage! Made me very comfortable with every decision. Even when the City was difficult, you guys handled it easily.


Ana R. - Oakland  -  I was very impressed with the quality of work and employees. Your employees were always courteuos, attentive and professional. Both inspections passed without dificulty. When asked City inspectors about your company, they always gave high marks. Thanks for the great job.


Pat M. - Lafayette  -  I will recommend Ned Clyde Construction whenever asked. I thank everyone for their professionalism and great dedication to do the job right. Again, thank you.


Retaining Walls


A poorly designed retaining wall might appear sound at first, but it will slowly fail over time.  At NED CLYDE CONSTRUCTION, INC. we engineer our walls to last. Depending on the need, we can usually prepare bids for various types of retaining structures to meet your requirements and your price range. Many have been constructed successfully in areas with difficult access and with excellent results.


retaining ned clyde

This Keystone® gravity wall (above) was installed to create a large, level area for additional parking

retaining wall 2

retaining wall 3

This reinforced concrete wall was designed and built between two neighbors in Hayward where one homeowner's pad was about 6 feet higher than his neighbor.

This soldier pile wall with concrete lagging was installed at the top of a slope behind this Lafayette home to prevent erosion into the backyard.

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